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  • Office Address: Yuan Hang Building, No. 425 Suixi Road, 230041 Hefei China
  • Factory Address: Furniture Industrial Park, Yeji town, Luan City, Anhui China
  • Telephone: 86-551-65157991, 65157992
  • Mobile Phone: 86-13805517634
  • Email:  wan@hodawood.com

 Hoda Wood, with 15-year experience on pylwood manafacture and export, offers a service tailored to the individual requirements of a varied, diverse and ever-growing customer base. Our clientele range from general construction companies to large trading companies in USA, Europe, Midlle East,India, South America, Australia and so on.


Our main items are Plywood , FormPly (Film Faced Plywood), Block Board, OSB, MDF ect. Our company ethos is to strive to advice and assist at all levels to ensure the technical requirements of all industries can be met.


Continual investment and inspection in our factories and warehouse facility ensures that quality of product and the best service will be guaranteed for many years to come.The company currently operates using a quality management system certified to the ISO 9001 standard.This enables us to consistently challenge ourselves to evolve, improve and adapt our business to meet the demands and requirements of our customers.

The sales team has a wealth of experience ensuring that the products.


Investment in the latest technology helps our factories to deliver the goods you require on time, within budget and the correct specification for the job. The sales team has a wealth of experience on panel trading ensuring that the products we supply are the products you require. Our accounts, administration, transport and departments work seamlessly in support. All our staffs are making concerted efforts to ensure the best products and reliable service


Quality Control 

Apart from our sales team, we also employs highly skilled plywood and other wood panels inspectors, keeping track of the every manufacturing and transport procedure, which ensures all our products cater to the requirement form the clients. 

All our products go through quality inspection for plywood for the following category: 

(1) Sample Check for raw materials(veneer, glue) 

(2) Pre major Plywood production Inspection 

(3) During-In production quality inspection 

(4) Pre-packing checking ,inspect piece by piece and percentage check 

(5) Final random plywood check 

(6) Container Loading/Breakbulk vessel loading monitoring 

(7) Document Check:Export documentation checking for discrepancy